Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Selena Gomez' Demise

So everyone's eyes are on Selena, judging her every move since her rehab stint. Is she back with Justin, she's offing friends on instagram and now the latest she's with Orlando Bloom. Well my take on it is who gives a fart, she's Yong and entitled to make mistakes, learn lessons and grow from it. She's a Yong star trying to find her way in an industry that's unforgiving. How fast we forget how imperfect we are and human these celebrities are. If she is with Orlando Bloom it's probably because she needs a mature stable influence as opposed to a teen heart throb who doesn't know his hand from his foot. Justin and Selena have always liked like an odd couple and it was a lot of drama coming to the end of their romance it's time for change. Which is why she probably she'd herself off friends from that time. So as we all watch the stars in three fish bowl called the media,let's not be so quick to judge as we are not saints either.

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