Sunday, 3 May 2015

#Younger (TV Land)

Is it just me or does the new show "Younger" on TVLand have you yearning for the next episode as soon as the it's done.

A woman on the verge of divorce, no home, her daughter ( who she stayed at home to raise) has gone to school in India and she's 40. To some that seems like the end of the world there but not for Liza who goes in search of a job after being off the radar for such a long time she is placed into a world much different for the one she left 15 years ago. Technology is everything and she is needless to say far behind. The only level she can start at is t the bottom but from the working world's stand point she's "too old" for that. Liza's friend Maggie inspired with the brilliant idea that she become a 26 year old when a guy named Joshua mistakes Liza for a 20 something year old in a bar. So the show is you being taken on this journey of her juggling her now two lives of her past and her present with quirky characters along the way to mix things up.

 The characters are so relatable although theoretically you wonder how they could mistake the main character Liza Miller for a 26 year old? It is funny and witty and reels you into the story line which is a difficult task altogether as so many story lines seem over done. This show definitely shows promise to be around for quite a while.

Hilary Duff has grown in her craft as an actress and plays the role of Kelsea Peters remarkably. I really started to see a change in her roles on Gossip Girl and Beauty and the Briefcase. In some cases it's difficult for child stars to transition into adult roles but I must admit she's done it quite gracefully and without having to sell out herself. So hats off to her.

If you were on the fence on watching this, I say get off it and watch it. You'll be addicted in no time. I give it two thumbs up.